The ULTIMATE Troubleshooting Tool?

image source: emedcoIt’s ski season here where I live down under. And yesterday, while skiing with his school, my son Ben got taken out by a snowboarder. Hit him from behind, so squarely the snowboarder’s fault.

The snow was hard-packed and Ben banged his head hard. Hard enough to see stars and not remember what he had for breakfast. And that’s WITH the protection of a helmet!

As it happens, I too was skiing on a different part of the mountain. So it wasn’t long before I got an S.O.S. from my wife Jay, telling me that Ski Patrol had taken Ben … continue reading »

A Problem With High Altitude Hydraulics

500HPU1I’m currently living in the Snowy Mountains region in eastern Australia, near a small village called Jindabyne, which is about 5 hours drive from Sydney. Jindabyne is 3000 ft (944 meters) above sea level.

As you’d expect, I regularly see hydraulic machinery working on roads and construction sites in the area and I often wonder how they perform on a hot day. Because at 3000 ft, air only has 90% of its sea level density. So a fixed-speed cooling fan will move the same volume of air but at only 90% of the mass-and it’s the air mass that removes … continue reading »

How To Eliminate Hydraulic Problems: Engineer Them Out

pressurized hydraulic systems are dangerousA large part of being “smart” in any area of expertise comes from doing your homework. And this is especially true with hydraulics. Here’s a story from one of our members which illustrates this point pretty well:

“I’m fairly new to hydraulics and I thought coating the interior of a hydraulic tank I’d made with a zinc spray (cold galvanizing in a spray can, like paint) would be a good idea. The idea was fine but the reality was not so good. I had no way of predicting that the components of the oil would dissolve the zinc coating… I’m continue reading »