Hydraulic Motor Face-Off: Bent Axis vs Axial Piston

bent_fix_csBent axis and in-line axial piston motors are both high performance designs featuring high efficiency at high operating pressures. But which is best? To answer this question, a comparison of relative performance advantages is required.

Bent axis designs can be ‘bent’ to angle of up to about 40°. Whereas the swash plate angle on an in-line design is typically limited to less than 20°. This means the maximum to minimum displacement range or stroke ratio of a variable-displacement bent axis motor is around twice that of an in-line design. This gives a variable bent axis motor a wider operating torque/speed … continue reading »

How To Make Your Hydraulic Supplier Rich

500HPU1If you’re a hydraulic machine owner, or responsible for the same, one sure way of transferring a scary amount of dinero from your bank account to your hydraulic supplier’s is to allow your hydraulic machines to run hot, as this exchange I had with one of our members illustrates:

Member: The hydraulic systems on my customer’s underground machines are running at 148°C. I have replaced the NBR 90-shore o-rings with Viton 75 shore o-rings on the SAE flanges but they are still failing.

BC: You need to get that operating temperature down. Without doing so everything else you … continue reading »

When NOT To Believe What Anyone Tells You

big question markIn The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook I define and explain 12 principles for troubleshooting anything successfully. And I use examples from various fields of endeavor, in addition to hydraulics, including medicine and IT.

Troubleshooting Principle #5 is: Never Take Anyone Else’s Word For It. And I observed a good example of the application of this principle recently when, after moving from one side of the country to the other, I was having trouble with my broadband connection.

I was on the telephone to a technician in my ISP’s support department. Keep in mind these guys are professional troubleshooters-by remote. The … continue reading »