A Reminder From The Safety Department….

FirstAidCrossThis came to me recently from one of my Hydraulics Pro Club members:

“I had a little accident at work last week with hydraulic fluid. Yes I came off second best. And it was just after you sent that email about the operator’s hand (oil injection injury) from the blown hose – nasty!

There was a colleague working with me and we had just replaced a main hose to an accumulator on a 30 tonne fork lift. We had started the machine and tested the park brake. To our surprise it would not release. So we checked it over and continue reading »

How To Size A Hydraulic Heat Exchanger

air-blast heat exchangerAs a means of power transmission, hydraulics has many advantages. But overall efficiency is NOT one of them. A single-reduction gearbox has an efficiency of 98 to 99 percent, double-reduction 96 to 97 percent and triple-reduction 95 percent. A chain drive in good condition has an efficiency of 97 to 98 percent.

A high-performance piston pump has an efficiency of 92 percent. If this pump drives a piston motor, the overall efficiency of this hydraulic drive, is 85 percent (0.92 x 0.92 x 100 = 85) – and this is without considering losses through valves and conductors.

And that’s good! … continue reading »

The ULTIMATE Troubleshooting Tool?

image source: emedcoIt’s ski season here where I live down under. And yesterday, while skiing with his school, my son Ben got taken out by a snowboarder. Hit him from behind, so squarely the snowboarder’s fault.

The snow was hard-packed and Ben banged his head hard. Hard enough to see stars and not remember what he had for breakfast. And that’s WITH the protection of a helmet!

As it happens, I too was skiing on a different part of the mountain. So it wasn’t long before I got an S.O.S. from my wife Jay, telling me that Ski Patrol had taken Ben … continue reading »