How to Minimize Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Expense

BentRodHydraulic cylinders are almost as common as pumps and motors combined. So if you operate any hydraulic equipment, it’s likely that cylinder repair expense is a significant portion of its total operating cost.

According to some studies, up to 25% of mechanical equipment failures are failures of design. If we apply this to hydraulic cylinders, then as many as one in four hydraulic cylinders are not adequately designed for the application they’re operating in.

This doesn’t mean that the cylinder won’t do the job asked of it, it will – but not with an acceptable service life. So if you … continue reading »

The RISE of the Machines

money diceAccording to an article in The Economist (03/03/18), management consultancy firm Bain predicts that, by 2030 American companies will invest as much as $8 trillion in automation and robotics. Bain predicts a large chunk of this investment will be in service industries, where robotic automation will replace human labor.

This is a remarkable feat of crystal ball gazing. $8 trillion is a huge number–just in America, and in the next 12 years. But even if it’s half that, this amounts to $4 trillion, still massive. And if hydraulics only accounts for 5% of this investment, the hydraulics biz will get … continue reading »

How To ‘Gum-Up’ Your Hydraulic Machine

suctionstrainerclogged-resizeOne of our members recounted a story about a switch in hydraulic oils which had a less than ideal outcome. The machines involved are mining-size hydraulic excavators. These diggers were delivered to the end-user filled with the machine OEM’s own branded ISO VG46 hydraulic oil. This oil features a zinc-free, anti-wear additive package and has a viscosity index (VI) of 125 (high VI).

Like a lot of mobile hydraulic machines operating in my part of the world, these machines run hot, or hotter than ideal anyway: 80ºC to 90+ºC (176ºF to 194ºF) . And that’s bulk oil temperature, not the … continue reading »