When You Are Under Pressure, You Can Rely On This

big question markMany years ago during my relatively short career moonlighting as an oilfield diver, I was on a salvage job off the North West coast of Western Australia. While operating in shallow water, a 2,500 ton support vessel managed to strike an abandoned oil well. The well head pierced the hull of the ship and opened it up like a sardine can. She sailed no further and sank to the bottom.

This was my first marine salvage job. And it was fairly major. A derrick barge was brought down from Singapore to lift the stricken vessel off the well head. The … continue reading »

Hydraulic Pump Intake Valves: Ball, Butterfly or NOTHING At All?

500HPU3-cropOne of many on-the-drawing-board dilemmas for hydraulic system designers is whether to install a more expensive ball valve in the pump inlet line, a cheaper butterfly valve, or no valve at all.

At the root of this dilemma is the negative effect of turbulence in the pump intake line. The argument for using a ball valve as an intake line isolation valve is, when it’s open, the full bore of the valve is available for oil flow. So if you have a 2″ ball valve in a 2″ intake line, when the valve is open, from the oil’s point of … continue reading »

How To Move UP To A Higher Pay Grade

money diceEnd of last year I researched and wrote a special report which explains why your boss will never give you a raise. Not in real terms (above inflation) anyway. Some of the key points contained in the report are:

–In the US, the pay of middle wage workers has only increased 6% since 1979, and has been more or less flat since 2000.
–In the UK, the average worker was earning £15 less every week in July 2017 than they were in March 2008.
–In Australia, real wages in 2015 were around 2% lower than they were 10 years earlier.… continue reading »