How To Move UP To A Higher Pay Grade

money diceEnd of last year I researched and wrote a special report which explains why your boss will never give you a raise. Not in real terms (above inflation) anyway. Some of the key points contained in the report are:

–In the US, the pay of middle wage workers has only increased 6% since 1979, and has been more or less flat since 2000.
–In the UK, the average worker was earning £15 less every week in July 2017 than they were in March 2008.
–In Australia, real wages in 2015 were around 2% lower than they were 10 years earlier.… continue reading »

Hagglunds Motors, Gold Cup Pumps and Case Drain Filters

CA50A recent arrival on ‘Plant Brendan’ who works for Bosch Rexoth’s ‘Large Hydraulic Drives’ division in Sweden (a.k.a. Hagglunds division) wrote me this after reading my “6 Hydraulic Mistakes….” report:

“I would have liked more information on why you shouldn’t have filters on the drain line on piston pumps. We actually use that solution in our drive units and we have had very few problems — even if in some applications we have problems with the pump shaft seal leaking. The pump manufacturer doesn’t want us to use this solution. The reason we have filters on the drain line is continue reading »

The Problem With Every Hydraulic Test Bench

test rigOne of our members writes:

“I work for an aircraft ground servicing manufacturer and we test hydraulic flow for various restrictor check valve assemblies. We have a test bench that maxes out at 2500 psi and 20GPM, using a 30HP electric motor. We need to test a new restrictor that requires 3500psi and 26GPM. I was wondering if we could somehow leverage our existing equipment (with some modifications) to be able to do so, without having to purchase a new 60+ HP electric motor and a larger pump?”

This is a common dilemma for repair shops and other hydraulic test … continue reading »