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Hydraulic Symbols

This video was produced by JI Case to teach the technician/student how to read hydraulic schematics. The video uses line drawings and cut-away views to illustrate how symbols are used to represent hydraulic components. Animations are used to explain how visualization is employed to understand the operating function of a component represented by a one-dimensional symbol. Once these concepts are understood, hydraulic circuit drawings become easier to understand.

The following symbols are illustrated and explained:


Lines, tubes, hoses

Enclosures and connections

Pumps, fixed and variable, pressure compensated and manual control


Cylinders - with and without cushions

Pressure relief, pressure reducing and sequence valves

Directional control valves

Flow control valves, fixed and adjustable, pressure and temperature compensated

Filters, coolers, heaters and accumulators

Running Time: 20 minutes.

Format: DVD - Region 1 (US & Canada).
Classroom presentations, TV viewing.
Price: $109.00 worldwide shipping included.

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Format: CD - computer CD or DVD drives.
Individual study - computer application only.
Price: $74.95 worldwide shipping included.

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