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Industrial Hydraulics Specialist package

Get Industrial Hydraulic Control with The Hydraulic Maintenance Handbook and The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook before midnight and save $483.00. Here's what you get:

Description Value Pay Only
The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook by Brendan Casey (hard copy) $150.00 $97.00
How To Leverage 80/20 In Maintenance and Troubleshooting ebook $15.00 FREE
How To Read Hydraulic Schematics ebook $12.00 FREE
The Hydraulic Maintenance Handbook by Brendan Casey (hard copy) $150.00 $72.00
How To Consolidate Your Hydraulic Oil Inventory ebook $12.00 FREE
Hydraulic Filter Selection And Placement video $15.00 FREE
How To Purge A Hydraulic Cylinder video $15.00 FREE
How To Select A Hydraulic Heat Exchanger video $15.00 FREE
Industrial Hydraulic Control by Peter Rohner (hard copy) $165.00 $110.00
How to Synchronize Hydraulic Cylinders ebook $20.00 FREE
Electro Hydraulic Control Systems ebook $20.00 FREE
How to Interpret Hydraulic Control Diagrams ebook $13.00 FREE
Preventing Hydraulic Failures by Brendan Casey (ebook) $50.00 FREE
How To Develop and Optimize PMs for Hydraulic Equipment ebook $20.00 FREE
Filters That Destroy Hydraulic Components ebook $15.00 FREE
One month's FREE membership to Brendan Casey's Hydraulics Pro Club print newsletter and interactive CD (a mini seminar in every issue) $15.00 FREE
Shipping to anywhere in the world $60.00 FREE
Total Value $762.00 $279.00
Your Saving $483.00

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Industrial Hydraulics Specialist package
(Industrial Hydraulic Control with The Hydraulic Maintenance Handbook AND The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook)
Only US$279.00 worldwide shipping included.

 " I am compelled to advise you of the wealth of hydraulic knowledge I have gained from reading your literature. It is in fact worth every penny.

 Kurt Ferreira
 M.M.P, Eng.Tech., C.Tech., M.I.I.E.
 Maintenance In Action

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