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Instant Knowledge™ Report:
How to Understand Variable Pump Controls

Pump delivery control is the most effective way to minimize wasted energy and reduce power consumption in hydraulic systems. Their efficiency explains the rapid growth in variable pump use in both mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment.

From a functional point of view, there are three main types of control: pressure, flow (load-sensing) and power. This report explains each of these control methods, along with their popular combinations and many of the different options for their configuration.

The operation of each type of control is explained with the aid of sectional views and their corresponding schematic and block diagrams. And the benefits of their use are considered using realistic application examples.

If variable pump controls are mystery to you or you'd like to gain a better understanding of how they actually work and where to use them, then you'll profit greatly from this report.

These days, most fluid power design experts bill their time at $120/hr and up. If you were to engage one of these experts to explain these control methodologies to you, it could take a couple of hours and cost you over $200. This makes the expertise you'll get from this report exceptional value at only $24.95. AND it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Variable Pump Control
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About the Authors

Brendan Casey is the founder of HydraulicSupermarket.com and the best-selling author of 'Insider Secrets to Hydraulics' the most comprehensive guide to reducing hydraulic equipment operating costs ever published. A fluid power expert with an MBA, he has more than 18 years experience in the design, maintenance and repair of mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment.

Dr Marian Tumarkin has over 35 years of experience in the field of Fluid Power with a Ph.D. from the National Academy of Science in Moscow. He is an accomplished scholar in the field with over 50 published papers and 10 patents to his name. Marian has designed electro-hydraulic systems for Russian and Australian Air Forces, Australian and American automotive industries, as well as developing special purpose machines. In this role, he was responsible for concept design and problem solving, calculations and component selection, system testing and troubleshooting.


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