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Dear Hydraulics User,

You know when it comes to solving and preventing problems with your hydraulic equipment, knowledge is the key.

It's just that it can cost you a lot of time, effort and money to get it.

In fact, a really detailed understanding of hydraulic component operation and circuitry is something that few people master.

But I've come across an excellent book that effectively tackles the complex subject of hydraulics. It explains the underlying operating principles and function of components and systems - for all levels of understanding: design, maintenance and troubleshooting.

It's called Industrial Hydraulic Control by Peter Rohner.

First of all, this is not just another book covering basic hydraulic theory and concepts. No way. Peter Rohner is a University Professor with over 30 years of teaching experience. He is one of the most successful fluid power lecturers and authors you'll ever meet. A true Master of the subject.

Secondly, even though the book's title is 'Industrial Hydraulic Control', the information it contains is just as relevant to mobile hydraulics. These days, topics such as slip-in cartridge valves (logic elements), variable pump controls, proportional and servo control and PLCs are just as relevant to mobile hydraulics as they are to industrial hydraulics.

Now in its 4th Edition and with 28,214 copies in print Industrial Hydraulic Control is possibly THE most popular hydraulics manual on the planet. It's definitely the most comprehensive guide to understanding the complexities of hydraulic circuits and components you could ever hope to get your hands on. Here's a sample of what's been said about it:

 "As a mechanic with more than 30 years experience, I think Industrial Hydraulic Control is excellent, very comprehensive and I use it as my hydraulics reference...

 R. Soebandi
 Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
 Oilfield Service Company

 "Industrial Hydraulic Control was the recommended text I purchased when I started my Mechancial Engineering course... it is one of the best

 Gary K. Nathan
 Project Support & Facilities Maintenance
 Freeport Mining

There is something in Industrial Hydraulic Control for everyone - student, engineer and technician, from novice to pro. Here's what's included in each chapter, and the powerful knowledge you'll gain:

Hydraulic Cylinders
Did YOU know that up to 25% of cylinder rod-seal failures are caused by bent rods? Shows you step-by-step, how to check cylinder rod-bending loads. PLUS - cylinder types, their construction and seal arrangements are all covered in detail. The chapter concludes with a discussion of cylinder regenerative circuits.

Hydraulic Pumps
When you have pump problems this is the place to start. Explanation of the construction and operating principles of different pump designs is expanded to include the seven factors you must consider when selecting a pump. AND you get the all the application formulas you need - with worked examples included.

Variable Pump Controls
Pump controls are complicated, right? WRONG! Pressure-compensated, constant power (torque-limiting) and load-sensing control will no longer be a mystery to you once you've read this chapter. Pump control functions are illustrated with colour sectional views along with their corresponding graphical symbols.

Hydraulic Motors
When you have motor trouble turn to page 84. Describes how torque is developed in a hydraulic motor and explains the construction and operating principles of different motor designs. The process of selecting and sizing a hydraulic motor is covered in detail, with all necessary formulas included. PLUS - the three most common motor control-circuits are illustrated and explained.

Directional Control Valves
Directional valves are simple, right? Nope. This chapter explains the finer points of directional valve construction, operation and application: spool overlap and ring gap, valve mechanisms, switching positions, pathways, center and transition condition and actuation methods - just to name a few.

Hose and Fittings
Do you know a seven degree twist in a high-pressure hydraulic hose can reduce its service life by 90%? Covers flow velocity and sizing, selection and rating of conductors (pipes, tubes and hoses), including metric tube and metric compression fittings.

Pressure Control Valves
What they do AND how they do it. Covers the application and operation of direct-acting and pilot-operated relief valves - with and without remote pressure control, accumulator-unloading circuits, single and two-stage sequence valves, counterbalance valves and direct-acting and pilot-operated pressure reducing valves. Like all other chapters throughout the book, functional descriptions are illustrated with colour sectional views and their corresponding graphical symbols.

Cartridge Valves and Logic Elements
Do you know that logic elements can be configured for flow in two directions - but only one ensures leak-free operation? This chapter will bring you up to speed on screw-in and slip-in cartridge valves. From the basics, right through to the configuration and control of logic elements for direction, flow and pressure control applications.

Flow Control Valves
How to navigate the flow control maze. Explains the laws that govern flow rate through an orifice and discusses the use of needle valves as flow controls and their limitations. The operation of pressure and temperature compensated flow controls and their application in meter-in, meter-out, bleed-off and deceleration circuits are explained. PLUS - how a three-way flow control minimizes energy loss in a circuit. The chapter concludes with a practical discussion of flow-divider and priority flow-divider valves.

Hydraulic Oils
The quickest way to gain a comprehensive understanding of the most important component of every system. Absolute and kinematic viscosity is explained and fluid properties such as viscosity index, pour point, oxidisation stability, lubricity, demulsibility, foaming resistance and air release are discussed. Special purpose oils are considered, including a comparison table for petroleum and alternative fluids. The chapter concludes with discussion of bulk modulus and decompression control.

What you MUST check to ensure you don't overlook the obvious. Covers six common hydraulic problems and their root causes.

If you want to control contamination - then you must understand filtration. Explains absolute, nominal and Beta ratings of filters and classification of fluid cleanliness. The difference between surface and depth filters is illustrated. PLUS - the chapter concludes with coverage of clogging indicators and pressure switches.

What you MUST KNOW about hydro-pneumatic accumulators. Application guidelines and formulas for working volume and gas pre-charge. The chapter concludes with illustration and explanation of common accumulator circuits.

Proportional and Servo Control
If you want to know where hydraulics is heading, then this is essential information. Proportional and servo valve construction and operation, valve characteristic definitions and control electronics are all covered in detail.

Why all hydraulic tanks are NOT made equal. Explains the various functions of the reservoir, and covers reservoir sizing, design and construction. PLUS - the quickest and easiest way to calculate heat dissipation from the reservoir.

Pneumatic Logic Control
Even if this method of control is all new to you, you will make the transition from novice to pro in just one reading. Benefits, application and operating principles of pneumatic logic control are illustrated and explained.

Programmable Logic Controllers
You don't need to be an electrician to understand PLC-controlled equipment. This chapter will give you the knowledge you need. Operation fundamentals, logic functions, programming and integration considerations are explained in detail, with worked examples.

Physical Principles
Here, you'll nail the fundamental principles of hydraulics as they relate to fluid flow, velocity and pressure, and transmission of force and power. Concepts discussed are cleverly illustrated and relevant formulas introduced.

Hydraulic Symbols and Formulas
And if all this isn't enough, the Appendix includes useful references such as: units of measurement and their symbols, commonly used hydraulics formulas, hydraulic symbols and conversion tables.

You're looking at a short summary of all that this incredible book is going to teach you! Industrial Hydraulic Control is the most practical and comprehensive reference on hydraulics you'll ever lay your hands on. It's 280 pages (8.5" x 11") professionally printed and bound with over 360 illustrations.

I frequently refer to this extensive resource in my hydraulics consulting business - it tops the list for presentation and substance. In fact, I was so impressed with this book - I bought the worldwide publishing rights!

A lifetime of hydraulics knowledge is yours

OK, you could spend years figuring all this stuff out for yourself. But why do it the hard way? Especially when Industrial Hydraulic Control lays it all out for you in a logical, easy-to-understand format.

Even if you're not into reading, it doesn't matter. This is not the kind of book you'd sit down and read from cover to cover anyway. It's more like an encyclopaedia or dictionary. You keep it handy and refer to it when you need to know something - about hydraulics.

I personally spend thousands of dollars every year adding to my technical library - and I've got one of the most extensive private fluid power libraries around. Based on what I've paid for comparable books, the right price for Industrial Hydraulic Control is $165 - the chapter on PLCs alone is worth $30. But if you order Industrial Hydraulic Control online before midnight on it's yours for only $99 That's a saving of $66 on what you would pay for a comparable book.

This is a great deal already, but if you order Industrial Hydraulic Control online before I'll ALSO throw in 8 FREE Bonuses valued at $185!

Free Bonus # 1
How to synchronize hydraulic cylinders - $20 value

The problem of synchronizing multiple hydraulic cylinders arises in many applications. This report introduces and explains eight different solutions to this problem. To assist you in selecting the most suitable solution for your application, each method is considered according to its level of accuracy, cost and complexity. The methods discussed in this report are applicable to any number and any type of hydraulic actuator.

Free Bonus # 2
Electro-hydraulic control systems - $20 value

If you want to keep up with where hydraulics is heading now and in the future, then this is essential knowledge. This report explains the structure of open and closed-loop proportional control, including regulator, follow-up (servo) and servo-regulator control systems. To aid comprehension of key principles discussed, examples presented use electronic, mechanical and hydraulic feedback. PLUS - operating principles and terminology for sequential and proportional control are compared and explained.

Free Bonus # 3
How to interpret hydraulic control diagrams - $12.95 value

Block diagrams are the standard tool for functional description and analysis of proportional and servo control systems. This report explains how to interpret and draw block diagrams. PLUS - other types of diagrams commonly used for hydraulic system explanation and analysis are also covered.

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Software that converts hundreds of hydraulic engineering units in seconds - $27 value

When you need to convert pressure, flow or temperature between US, UK, Metric, or SI units, nothing is more frustrating than not having the necessary formula at your fingertips. You'll never have this problem again with this powerful software tool that converts most commonly used units of pressure, flow, temperature, volume, speed, force, power, density, and many others.

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How to prevent hydraulic failures - $50 value

Hydraulic components are expensive. So having to replace them more often than you should really hurts the bottom line. According to industry sources, up to 90% of premature hydraulic failures can be avoided. This richly illustrate ebook shows you how to save money and reduce downtime by preventing premature failure of hydraulic components.

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How to develop and optimize preventative maintenance procedures for hydraulic equipment - $20 value

Contamination control is the most important proactive maintenance routine for hydraulic equipment, right? WRONG! What's more, traditional preventative maintenance (PM) activities require a constant investment in labor and materials. This report outlines an approach to the preventative maintenance of hydraulic equipment that ensures reliability and reduces or eliminates the costs associated with recurring PM tasks.

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Are your filters destroying your hydraulic components? - $15 value

If you haven't read this report, the filters on your hydraulic equipment could be quietly destroying the very components they were installed to protect. This hard-hitting report explains how some filters can destroy hydraulic components... and what to do about it. The information contained in this report alone, could quite easily save you 10, even 100 times your modest investment in Industrial Hydraulic Control.

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Worldwide shipping included - $20 value

No matter where in the world you live, we'll pick up the shipping costs. So if you order right now, all these bonus products PLUS free shipping, together valued at $185 are yours FREE - regardless of where you live.

Ironclad 100% money-back guarantee

I insist that you order Industrial Hydraulic Control entirely at my risk. That's why it comes with a Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part. In the unlikey event you are not completely satisfied you can return the book for a 100% refund. There is no fine print. It's as simple as that.

And because you're entrusting me with your time and confidence, I want you to keep ALL the FREE bonuses valued at $165 even if you return the book. That's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide. But I'm betting that after just one look you won't want to put this book down!

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"To be quite honest I thought this book would be for guys with thick glasses and white coats. Boy was I suprised! Industrial Hydraulic Control is a book for hydraulic beginners AND engineers. The information is clear and easy to understand. And with your Preventing Hydraulic Failures ebook it makes it just that more a MUST have! I recommend it to ALL hydraulics users, mechanics and owners. Thank you for bringing Industrial Hydraulic Control to my attention."

Ben Snyman
CAT Challenger Technician
South Africa

You really can't afford not to invest in this book.

Yours for better hydraulics knowledge,

Brendan Casey

P.S. It's important to note that your investment in Industrial Hydraulic Control may be tax deductible. Ask your tax advisor.

P.P.S. By acting right now, you get a substantial saving, a wealth of bonuses and a lifetime money-back guarantee. This offer is only good until - and will not be repeated.

P.P.P.S. And remember, as Benjamin Franklin once said: "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

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