How a little mistake cost a hydraulic equipment owner $86,165 a year!

In the December 2009 issue of Hydraulics and Pneumatics magazine, there was a case-study about a Hitachi EX2500 excavator which had been shipped to site filled with the wrong hydraulic oil.

Within the excavator's first 27 months of operation there had been four pump failures - at a cost of $20,000 each, three swing motor failures, two track-drive motor failures and numerous valve replacements. In fact, the total cost of failures - including downtime, amounted to $193,872 over 2-1/4 years, or $86,165 a year.

While the hydraulic equipment you're responsible for may not be on the same scale, the principle is the same:

If the hydraulic system is not filled with the correct oil:

  • it won't perform like it should; and
  • it won't last like it should.

Regardless of how well the circuit is designed.

Or how good the filtration is.

And this is why when one of our members cornered me with this question:

"If you could do just one thing to enhance the reliability of a hydraulic machine, what would it be?"

I didn't have to think very hard about my reply:

"Make certain you've got the right oil in the tank."

Sounds simple.

But I'm afraid it's NOT.

You see, the hydraulic oil has a big job to do. It's a power transmission device, a lubricant, a heat transfer medium - and even a sealant, in some hydraulic components at least.

This is why I consider the hydraulic fluid to be THE most important component of the hydraulic system. And certainly not something to be purchased on price alone.

Trouble is, the long list of hydraulic oils available today can make things very confusing. Here's just a few of the options you have to choose from:

  • high VI;
  • ashless;
  • zinc-free;
  • detergent;
  • non-detergent;
  • mineral;
  • synthetic;
  • bio-degradable;
  • multigrade; and
  • monograde.

And unfortunately, the equipment manufacturer's oil recommendation is no silver bullet either - as the above case study proves. Reason being, machine manufacturer's generally make blanket recommendations, which do not take into consideration the often wide variations in machine operating environments.

So it's not surprising that I get a lot of questions about hydraulic oil selection.

And to be frank, most of them do NOT have short answers.

Of course, that's what everybody wants these days - a short answer.

If you're one of them, don't bother reading any further.

Because I do not have a short answer for you.

But I do have THE answer.

You see, I've taken ALL the most common questions I get surrounding hydraulic oil selection - and answered them in detail.

Like I said, it's NOT short.

By the time I'd finished I'd produced a 20-page report and a 34-minute video, which covers all of the following, and a hellava lot more:

Why Hydraulic Oil is Different From Other Lubes

How to Select the Correct Oil Viscosity - For YOUR Application (get this one thing right and you'll eliminate a truck-load of potential problems)

The Little Known Benefits of Multigrade Oil (if you're the guy who signs the checks, this'll make your eyes pop!)

The Potentially Disastrous Problem with Multigrade Engine Oil (this is the 'elephant in the room' you should not ignore)

The Controversy About Detergent and Zinc - and How to Deal With It

Why You Should NEVER Use Automatic Transmission Fluid as Hydraulic Oil (even when it's an "approved" oil)

The Truth about 'Biodegradable' Oils (whatever you do, do NOT switch to a biodegradable without reading this first)

Fact of the matter is, if you want to sleep at night knowing the service-life of the hydraulic equipment you're responsible for is not wasting away because the wrong oil's in the tank, then you have to be across ALL of these issues.

You can cross your fingers and hope it's right.

Or you can make sure it is.

And there's only three ways to do that:

  1. Figure it all out for yourself.

  2. Hire someone - who knows what they're doing - to do it for you.

  3. Use someone else's template.

If you're starting from scratch, option #1 could involve 10, 20, 30 maybe even 40 hours of research - before you're able to start making informed decisions.

Maybe you've got the time and patience to do this. Maybe you don't. But if you do, it IS worth the time and effort involved. Because as the above case study demonstrates, it could well save you, or the company you work for, a lot of money and heartache.

If the D.I.Y. option is not your thing, there's option #2 - hire someone to do it for you. And I'd be happy to oblige. But it's a minimum of two hours work which, at my hourly rate, means a minimum investment of $500. Still, for the owners of the EX2500 mentioned above, this would've equated to a fabulous return on investment. After all, who wouldn't invest 500 bucks to save $200,000?

So if you own or are responsible for significant hydraulic assets, and want me to audit your machine and confirm that you've got the right oil in the tank, you can book a 2-hour consultation here

But to be honest, the most effective solution for the majority of hydraulic equipment users is option #3 - use a 'paint by numbers' template, where most of the hard work has already been done for you.

My 20-page report and 34-minute video covering all aspects of hydraulic oil selection is such a template; I've done all the grunt work for you. And I hold nothing back. In fact, in the 34-minute video, I show and explain the exact same steps I go through to select the correct oil viscosity for a specific application - which is THE most important selection criteria of all.

What you see me doing in this video is a big chunk of what my consulting clients pay me $250/hr to do for them. Which means this video alone is worth $125.

Yes, there is an investment involved, but at only $49 it's less then one-tenth of that required for option #2 and a small fraction of the cost of option #1 - even if you only value your time at a very modest $10 per hour.

And besides, you need to weigh this investment in terms of what this knowledge could save you. Sure, it may not save you $200,000, but it could save you a couple thousand dollars. But even if it ONLY saves you $200 that's still a 300% return on your investment. And that's money well spent in anyone's language.

Access it instantly and get your questions
answered immediately

Another thing I've observed from the hundreds of questions I received about hydraulic oil selection over many years: when equipment users go looking for this information, they need it - like, yesterday.

So, the 20-page report and 34-minute video that comprises...

"How to Select the Correct Hydraulic Oil for Your Machine... OR How to Make Sure the Hydraulic Oil You Are Currently Using Is the Right One!"

...are delivered electronically by internet download.

This means you do not have to wait a week or more to get your hands on this know-how. You can access it instantly, get your questions answered immediately and action any required changes right away. PLUS, after download, the Report and Video can be saved on your computer, and the Report and its Attachments can be printed on your desk-top printer, and filed safely for future reference.

But for reasons already explained, even if you're not currently 'looking' for this information, this is NOT a decision you should defer until later. Because later may be too late - just as it was for the owners of the EX2500 in the above case study.

Checking you've got the right oil in the tank is something you should do right now - if only for peace of mind.

The fact you've read this far tells me you understand that doing nothing is not an option. Which means you know it's a choice between paying for this knowledge upfront now - or possibly, at the repair shop later.

Risk-Free, 100% Money Back, No questions Asked, Guarantee

And your only risk is the risk you take by not acting. Because in the unlikely event you are not completely delighted with my hydraulic oil selection template, just say the word and I will cheerfully refund your rather modest investment in full. No questions asked. Plus, there's no time limit on this satisfaction guarantee, so you can take your time reviewing the report and video without any concern about your return privilege expiring.

A $44 FREE BONUS - but ONLY if you act now

While the case for acting on this today is already compelling, this is a brand new product and I want to give it a big push to get it out there. So if you order before I'm going to throw in 3-months worth of my Hydraulics Pro Club print newsletter and simulation video on CD, delivered to your door by snail mail.

I could write several paragraphs about this very popular program, but the fact it currently has 1383 active members, says more about its practical value than anything I can tell you. But to put a figure on it, the current subscription fee for Hydraulics Pro Club is $14.79 per month, so this is a $44 BONUS I'm giving you absolutely FREE - but only if you order before

Oh, and I should point out that if in the unlikely event you'd prefer not to receive 3-month's FREE issues of our Hydraulics Pro Club print newsletter and CD valued at $44 - no problem. As soon as you've ordered, just send us an email to this effect. To be clear, Hydraulics Pro Club is something you can opt-out of at any time, just by saying the word.

Doing nothing is NOT an option

Just because the dogs are sleeping it doesn't mean all is well. And unfortunately this is one of those issues where, by the time the dogs start barking, it's too late. You've already been cleaned out.

So if you only do one proactive thing with respect to your hydraulic equipment, it should be to satisfy yourself you're using the right oil for the job. And on an effort versus reward basis, this is a no-brainer - especially since:

  • I've taken all the grunt work out of it for you;
  • the investment of only $49 is very modest;
  • with my 100% money back guarantee, the only risk you take is by doing nothing; and
  • you get a $44 FREE BONUS for taking quick action.

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Yours for better hydraulics knowledge,

Brendan Casey

P.S. #1 Your investment in "How to Select the Correct Hydraulic Oil for Your Machine... OR How to Make Sure the Hydraulic Oil You Are Currently Using Is the Right One!" may be tax-deductible. Check with your tax advisor.

P.S. #2 The reality is, this is the kind of hydraulics know-how you get in one of two ways: pay for it upfront now... or pay at the repair shop later. And the first is a hellava lot cheaper than the second!

P.S. #3 And remember, as Benjamin Franklin once said: "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

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