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Industrial Hydraulic Control by Peter Rohner $165.00 INCLUDED
Insider Secrets to Hydraulics by Brendan Casey $50.00 INCLUDED
Pneumatic Control for Industrial Automation by Peter Rohner $165.00 INCLUDED
Preventing Hydraulic Failures ebook by Brendan Casey $50.00 INCLUDED
Fluid Power Conversion software $27.00 INCLUDED
How to Synchronize Hydraulic Cylinders e-report $20.00 INCLUDED
Electro Hydraulic Control Systems e-report $20.00 INCLUDED
How to Interpret Hydraulic Control Diagrams e-report $12.95 INCLUDED
How to Use Pneumatic Intensifiers e-report $20.00 INCLUDED
Basic Hydraulics ebook $17.00 INCLUDED
How to Solve and Prevent Hydraulic Problems ebook by Brendan Casey $30.00 INCLUDED
Developing and Optimizing PMs for Hydraulic Equipment e-report $20.00 INCLUDED
Filters That Destroy Hydraulic Components e-report $15.00 INCLUDED
World-Class, Hydraulics Tuition, including 348 page study guide $900.00 INCLUDED
Simulation Videos (129 minutes) on CD $200.00 INCLUDED
Unlimited Question & Answer Sessions by email $250.00 INCLUDED
BONUS Simulation Videos (241 minutes) on CD $400.00 INCLUDED
BONUS Videos Study-Guide 60 pages $37.00 INCLUDED
World-Class, Advanced Hydraulics Tuition, including 254 page study guide $1,000.00 INCLUDED
Simulation Software CD #1 for Sequential (on/off) Hydraulic Systems $200.00 INCLUDED
Simulation Software CD #2 for Proportional Hydraulic Systems $200.00 INCLUDED
Additional Learning Resources CD #3 - including computer model files and templates (Advanced Course) $100.00 INCLUDED
Bonus Reference #1 - Essential Formulas for Advanced Hydraulics (hard copy) $12.00 INCLUDED
Bonus Reference #2 - How to Use Microsoft Excel (hard copy) $20.00 INCLUDED
Bonus Reference #3 - Math Principles for Advanced Hydraulics (hard copy) $27.00 INCLUDED
Unlimited Question & Answer Sessions (Advanced Course) by email $500.00 INCLUDED
Brendan Casey's Hydraulic Maintenance (Breakdown Prevention) Blueprint - 4 DVD Set $1000.00 INCLUDED
Maintenance Blueprint Study Guide (hard copy) $40.00 INCLUDED
Maintenance Blueprint Work Book (hard copy) $30.00 INCLUDED
One-hour Maintenance & Reliability Consult with Brendan Casey $250.00 INCLUDED
World-Class, Troubleshooting Training, including 110 page study guide $1,300.00 INCLUDED
Troubleshooting Simulation Videos (119 minutes) on CD $200.00 INCLUDED
Fast Response BONUS Troubleshooting coaching-consulting support session (2 hours) with Brendan Casey $500.00 INCLUDED
One month's FREE membership to Brendan Casey's Hydraulics Pro Club print newsletter and interactive CD (a mini seminar in every issue) $10.00 FREE
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 " I am compelled to advise you of the wealth of knowledge I have gained from reading your literature. It is in fact worth every penny.

 Kurt Ferreira
 M.M.P, Eng.Tech., C.Tech., M.I.I.E.
 Maintenance In Action

 "Insider Secrets to Hydraulics has the potential to save many organizations lots of money. It should be on the bookshelf of every engineer, supervisor, planner and technician that deals with hydraulic equipment... it's worth its weight in gold." 

 Alexander (Sandy) Dunn
 Maintenance Management Consultant
 Plant Maintenance Resource Center

 "Preventing Hydraulic Failures is an invaluable teaching tool... For this publication alone it was well worth the investment." 

 Frederick Roeder (BSME)
 Director - Safety Compliance & Training
 Rish Equipment Company

 " As a mechanic with more than 30 years experience, I think Industrial Hydraulic Control is excellent, very comprehensive and I use it as my hydraulics reference..." 

 R. Soebandi
 Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
 Oilfield Service Company

 " I have been in the hydraulics business for the past 20 years and it is very difficult to find any decent material on hydraulic maintenance, troubleshooting and failure analysis. These books cover it all in easy to understand language.

 Paul W. Craven
 Certified Fluid Power Specialist
 Motion Industries, Inc.

 " I'm glad I bought the Whole Enchilada a couple of years ago. Iíve learnt a lot. It's helped me and now Iím helping others. God Bless. " 

 Richard Beard
 Mobile Heavy Equipment and Truck Field Mechanic
 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

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