Hydraulics e-Training Online: Hydraulic Load Sensing Control

Load sensing systems are widely used in both mobile and industrial hydraulic applications. This e-Training program explains everything you need to know about hydraulic load sensing systems, including:

  • Fixed pump load sensing.
  • Open center load sensing (OCLS) a.k.a. tank-line load sensing and negative flow control (NFC).
  • Closed center load sensing (CCLS).
  • Komatsu OCLS system and Caterpillar NFC system.
  • Parker's hybrid open and closed center load sensing system (VFO).
  • Load sensing directional control valves.
  • Differential pressure limiters.
  • Pre and post compensators.
  • Anti-saturation valves.
  • Load-signal amplifier valves.
  • How to retrofit remote pressure control on a load sensing pump.
  • Control interactions between 2 load sensing pumps connected in parallel.
  • How to flow test open and closed center load sensing pumps, and much more.

This online training combines text, diagrams and simulation videos (14 videos with a combined runtime of 152 minutes). It is accessed via a dedicated, password protected web site. This means it's accessible instantly, and available 24/7 via your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer. Plus, once enrolled, there is no time limit or expiration on your access to the program.

This training is divided into 12 lessons. Each lesson takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. Review questions with answers are included at the end of the program to test your comprehension. And upon completion of this online training, you will know everything there is to know about hydraulic load sensing control - and a LOT more than most of your peers!

This online e-training is instantly accessible and comes with a
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Hydraulic Load Sensing Control e-Training
Investment: US$49.00