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High pressure fluid is present in operational hydraulic systems. Fluids under high pressure are dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. Do not make modifications, repairs or adjustments to any hydraulic system unless you are competent or working under competent supervision. If in doubt consult a qualified technician or engineer.


Hydraulic equipment maintenance - why it's so important

Hydraulic Cylinders
How to troubleshoot hydraulic cylinder drift
4 ways to reduce hydraulic cylinder repair costs
How to avoid 'dieseling' in hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic ram leak caused by operator error
Pressure intensification in hydraulic cylinders
How to test hydraulic cylinders
The effect of temperature on static hydraulic pressure
How to solve hydraulic cylinder squeal
How to store hydraulic cylinders - safely
How to store hydraulic cylinders - Part 2
Straight talk about bent hydraulic cylinder rods
How to calculate hydraulic cylinder efficiency
2 ways air gets into hydraulic cylinders and how it then destroys them!
The DIY Repairer’s Guide to Measuring Hydraulic Cylinder Tube Diameter

Hydraulic Pumps
How to prevent 'dry' starting of hydraulic pumps
The anatomy of a hydraulic piston pump failure
The truth about hydraulic pump testing
The anatomy of hydraulic vane pump failure
A great lie about hydraulic pumps
Power saving with hydraulic load-sensing control
2 reasons to schedule hydraulic pump change-outs
Are you sure your hydraulic pump is broken?
A strange hydraulic pump problem - but true!
How to determine hydraulic pump condition using volumetric efficiency
How to calculate hydraulic pump and motor efficiency
Why you should rethink your hydraulic pump's mounting position
Variable-displacement pump standby pressure: how low can you go?
How to prevent a vortex from developing at the pump inlet

Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic motors: dry starts and how to avoid them
How hydrostatic balance works
Hydraulic comoponent repair using aftermarket hydraulic parts
Temperature shock of hydraulic motors and how to avoid it
Hydraulic motor face-off: bent axis vs axial piston

Hydraulic Valves
Why hydraulic valve solenoid coils burn-out
How to configure mobile hydraulic valves using power beyond (video)
An important fact about hydraulic spool valves
Why spool valves stick
The low down on pump intake isolation valves

Hydraulic Oil
Why you should record all hydraulic oil top-offs
How to add hydraulic oil - without the dirt
Biodegradable hydraulic oil - its application and use
The true cost of hydraulic oil leaks
Hydraulic oil types and manufacturers' recommendations
Which hydraulic oil should I use?
How to remove water from hydraulic oil
How to deal with air contamination of hydraulic oil
What to check before you change your hydraulic oil
How to consolidate your hydraulic oil inventory
4 ways to make your hydraulic oil last longer
The hydraulic fluid's best friend
A word about specific heat of hydraulic oil
A simple way to remove water from hydraulic oil
Why you should know your hydraulic oil's 'A.N.'
Hydraulic oil consumption - measure to manage
How to heat hydraulic oil - without cracking it

Hydraulic Filters
Hydraulic oil contamination: how its ‘cure’ can be worse than the disease
While filters are dangerous hydraulic pump and motor drain-lines
The truth about hydraulic suction strainers
Suction strainers: good or evil
Another reason to avoid and/or eliminate pump suction strainers
2 reasons not be be cheap when buying hydraulic filters
How and why to monitor hydraulic filter condition
What to do if your hydraulic filters are 'clicking'
The filter cart 'rule of seven'
How to buy hydraulic filter elements - the right way
Hydraulic oil cleanliness and contamination control: not all machines are equal
Contamination control: are you a victim or a volunteer?
The right way to do offline filtration
An official word (and conflict) about suction strainers

Hydraulic Hose and Tube
How to extend hydraulic hose life
Hydraulic hose versus hydraulic tube
When not to use wire-reinforced hydraulic hose
How to flush a hydraulic system
How to generate ideal flushing conditions
How to fix water hammer in hydraulic circuits
One thing to check the next time you change a hydraulic hose
Hydraulic conductor configuration for noise reduction

Hydraulic Fittings and Adaptors
How to select hydraulic connectors for leak-free reliability
The secret to leak-free hydraulic connections
What pipe threads and suction strainers have in common
Why you should fix oil AND air leaks
How to tie up a supertanker with teflon tape

Hydrostatic Transmissions
Hydrostatic transmissions: making sense of case drain flow - Part 1
Hydrostatic transmissions: making sense of case drain flow - Part 2
Hydrostatic transmissions: making sense of case drain flow - Part 3
Is this problem destroying your hydrostatic transmission?
6 important functions of a HST charge pump

Hydraulic Troubleshooting
New app for hydraulic troubleshooting
Would you pass this simple hydraulic troubleshooting test?
How to master hydraulic troubleshooting
The trouble with hydraulics troubleshooting
The real value of the humble hydraulic symbol
Hydraulic troubleshooting - check the easy things first
Hydraulic troubleshooting basics
How to avoid hydraulic troubleshooting mistakes
How to troubleshoot hydraulic cylinder drift
Hydraulic troubleshooting: do as I say - not as I do
Hydraulic troubleshooting tools
How is your hydraulic heat exchanger connected?
Are you sure your hydraulic machine is broken?
The key to understanding - and troubleshooting - hydraulic cylinder drift
Hydraulic diagrams you shouldn't do without
Solving hydraulic problems: whatever it takes?
How NOT to go down the WRONG rabbit hole when troubleshooting
Hydraulic troubleshooting: science or black art?
The number 1 hydraulic troubleshooting tool you can't do without
One thing you must understand when troubleshooting hydraulic cylinder problems
How to eliminate hydraulic problems: engineer them out

Hydraulics Maintenance
You can't fix stupid but your can avoid hydraulic failures due to memory lapse
5 sobering facts about hydraulic oil injection injuries
How to keep tabs on your hydraulic machine's 'vital signs'
How to solve hydraulic system overheating problems
2 reasons to schedule hydraulic pump change-outs
How to reduce hydraulic system noise
Hydraulics maintenance 101: the importance of the unimportant detail
Hydraulic component repair using aftermarket parts
Priority number one in hydraulics maintenance
The anatomy of a hydraulic maintenance failure
Hydraulic equipment reliability - begin with the end in mind
Hydraulic equipment reliability - begin with the end in mind - Part 2
One type of hydraulic system you don't want!
The bitter-sweet nature of hydraulics maintenance
How to tell if your hydraulic equipment is 'sick'
Why you should use a checklist and how to develop a good one
The grave danger of energy contamination
Hydraulic Maintenance... for all seasons
One more hydraulic maintenance item you should not neglect
Proactive maintenance: when is the right time?
Why high pressure means high maintenance
Predictive hydraulics maintenance basics
The hydraulic maintenance dilemma: not deciding has consequences
How a small omission can result in a big hydraulics maintenance disaster
How to make good proactive maintenance decisions


Hydraulic accumulators
Hydraulic cooling and heating
Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic drive calculations for vehicles
Hydraulic filters
Hydraulic fluids
Hydraulic pumps and motors
Hydraulic reservoirs
Hydraulic valves
Hydraulic winch drive calculations
Orifices in hydraulic systems
Velocity and pressure drop in hydraulic hoses and pipes


Conversion factor tables
Hydraulic fittings
Hydraulic gear pump displacement calculation
Hydraulic hose
Hydraulic seals
Hydraulic symbols
Hydraulic system start-up procedures
Hydraulic tubing
Hydraulic vane pump displacement calculation
SAE hydraulic port flange dimensions
SAE hydraulic pump and motor mounting flange and shaft dimensions

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