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"The lion the ass and the fox went hunting together, and it was agreed that whatever was taken should be shared among them. They caught a large, fat stag, which the lion ordered the ass to divide. The ass took a great deal of pains to divide the stag into three pieces, which should be as nearly equal as possible. The lion, enraged with him for what he considered a want of proper respect to his quality, flew upon him and tore him to pieces. He then called on the fox to divide. The fox, nibbling off a small portion for himself, left the rest for the lion's share. The lion, highly pleased with this mark of respect, asked the fox where he had learned such politeness and good-breeding. "To tell you the truth, sire," replied the fox, "I was taught it by the ass that lies dead there."

What has this short fable by Aesop got to do with hydraulics? To learn from other people's experience is immensely valuable. Despite all of his cunning, were the fox asked to divide first, it seems certain he would have met the same fate as the ass. But with the benefit of the ass's experience, it was easy for the fox to avoid disaster.

Since 2000, Brendan Casey has been sharing his long experience in the hydraulics business with equipment users so they can avoid the many pitfalls that conspire to increase their operating costs and erode their bottom line. To this end, here are a few of the areas in which hydraulics users can profit from Brendan's expertise:

  • Hydraulic troubleshooting assistance
  • Hydraulic circuit design reviews
  • Maintenance and reliability audits
  • Lean maintenance programs
  • Failure analysis
  • Independent, third-party opinions
  • Hydraulic equipment procurement specifications
  • Machine/system start-up, operation and maintenance documentation
  • Feature engineering for machine learning

The reality is, once a dollar enters a hydraulic shop, it never returns to its original owner. For a hydraulic equipment user, the only way to get these dollars back, is to ensure every ounce of possible service life is squeezed out of that component, so that the end result is the least dollars exchanged for the most operating hours. Given the amounts of money involved can be significant, getting expert advice when you need it is a smart investment.

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Brendan Casey is a hydraulics expert with an MBA, and has more than 27 years experience in the design, maintenance and repair of mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment. He is the founder of and the author of The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook, The Hydraulic Maintenance Handbook, The Industrial Hydraulics Handbook, The Mobile Hydraulics Handbook, Insider Secrets to Hydraulics, Preventing Hydraulic Failures, Hydraulics Made Easy, Advanced Hydraulic Control, The Definitive Guide to Industrial Hydraulics, The Definitive Guide to Mobile Hydraulics and The Definitive Guide to Hydraulic Troubleshooting. View Brendan's profile on linkedin

Book a one-on-one consultation with Brendan Casey via video call and/or email, here now