Hydraulics e-Training Online: How To Synchronize Hydraulic Cylinders

The problem of synchronizing multiple hydraulic cylinders arises in many applications. This online, e-training program explains nine different solutions to this problem. To assist in selecting the most suitable solution for an application, each method is considered according to its level of accuracy, cost and complexity. The solutions covered are applicable to any number and any type of hydraulic actuator.

This online training combines text, diagrams and simulation videos (4 videos with a combined runtime of 62 minutes). It is accessed via a dedicated, password protected web site. This means it's accessible instantly, and available 24/7 via your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer. Plus, once enrolled, there is no time limit or expiration on your access to the program. This training is divided into 5 lessons. Each lesson takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete.

These days, most fluid power design experts bill their time at $120/hr and up. If you were to engage one of these experts to explain all of these various control options to you, it could take a couple of hours and cost you over $200. This makes the expertise you'll get from this training exceptional value at only $29.00.

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How To Synchronize Hydraulic Cylinders e-Training
Investment: US$29.00