Learn How To Solve Any Hydraulic Problem TODAY, With This Rapid Troubleshooting Training

Hydraulic troubleshooting is a skill ANYONE can master. Anyone who WANTS TO that is. And this instant, online training shows you how!

Internationally recognized hydraulics expert Brendan Casey, shows you how to tackle any hydraulic problem in a way that ensures correct diagnosis in the shortest possible time--even if your knowledge of hydraulic systems is not extensive.

Here's just some of what you will learn:

  • THE #1 cardinal sin of troubleshooting. Making this mistake just once can be career destroying. And 3 strategies for avoiding it.

  • Two things every troubleshooter must understand to be effective. And why one is 10-times more important than the other.

  • The 7 truths which are every troubleshooter's best friend. Even when you're faced with the most complex of hydraulic problems.

  • Hydraulic cylinder problems? How to quickly determine if it's the piston seal or not. And all you need is a pressure gauge for this simple test.

  • One thing you must always do before reaching for any diagnostic tools. Skip this step and there's a good chance you'll end up with egg on your face.

  • The quickest, easiest and safest way to check the condition of a hydraulic pump. Best part: you don't need a flow meter.

  • When it's safe to ignore a "hot" component, and when it's not.

  • WARNING: Your #1 troubleshooting tool can ruin a hydraulic system in seconds. Make any of these 3 mistakes when using it and you'll be in deep do-do.

  • A simple test that instantly tells you WHY a hydraulic system is overheating.

  • IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A DUNCE, don't act like one. Why even qualified experts sometimes make BIG troubleshooting mistakes – and what to do about it.

  • An amazing and largely unheard of diagnostic trick that can save you hours. And you can do it with any multimeter. That's right, any digital or analogue multimeter.

  • The best way to ensure the duration of any troubleshooting effort is a short as possible.

  • How the presentation of flow-test results can HOODWINK you into changing-out a perfectly serviceable pump. And what you must understand to avoid this costly and embarrassing mistake.

  • If you are now a "B" or "B+" technician, learning this one, little-known troubleshooting technique will catapult you towards the ranks of "A" or even "A+" technicians, who always get first pick of the best jobs.

  • The fastest way to mess up any troubleshooting effort. And what to do about it if this happens to you.

  • What must NEVER be allowed to sway your judgement in a troubleshooting situation.

  • CAUTION: how a very simple problem can quickly unravel into a terrible nightmare. And the two questions you must always ask yourself to make sure this does NOT happen to you.

  • Why your inner 'mind-game' matters. Motion beats meditation, but this is not always true when troubleshooting.

  • The easiest way to conquer the troubleshooting process: the simple, 12-step SYSTEM that will transform you into a reliable and effective troubleshooter, no matter what your level of experience. This is the "master secret" of knowing what to do and when to do it.

PLUS, procedures for troubleshooting different types of hydraulic problems and systems are also explained, including: cylinder circuits, hydrostatic transmissions, valve problems, overheating issues, pressure spikes, accumulator problems and much more.

This online training combines text, diagrams and simulation videos (8 videos with a combined runtime of 119 minutes). The program is divided into 19 lessons designed for self-paced progression. Each lesson takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. Review questions with answers are included at the end of each lesson for self-assessment of your understanding.

This unique training is accessed via a dedicated, password protected web site. Which means it's accessible instantly, and available 24/7 via your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer. Plus, once enrolled, there is no time limit or expiration of your on-demand access to this program.

And most importantly, upon completion of this training, you'll be equipped to tackle any hydraulic problem with confidence – and solve it!

"The knowledge of how to attack any hydraulic problem with your efficient troubleshooting methods had me outshine a number of more experienced diesel mechanics and technicians. This upset some of the older tradesmen. So I now keep the methods I learnt from you low key. Your techniques are the most powerful tools in my arsenal."

James Olive
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Agnes Water, QLD Australia

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Hydraulic Troubleshooting e-Training Online
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"I've been through this three times so far and it's AWESOME. For anyone who wants to become a better troubleshooter, this is money well spent."

Casey Ruttan
Instructor and Consultant
Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada, Inc


"I'm a sparky by trade but just days ago I stepped in after our rig mechanic and a third-party hydraulics specialist spent 3 days troubleshooting an intermittent problem at a cost of $35,000 per day in downtime.

Within 15 minutes I narrowed the problem down to a hydraulic motor. They didn't take me serious. But after another day of downtime, they got one on location and installed it out of desperation. She fired right up and worked perfectly.

Brendan, I would have given you a high-five if you was around!"

– Rig electrician John Gillespie on how he used the troubleshooting system explained in this training to solve a hydraulic problem that baffled the rig mechanic and a hired-in hydraulics technician--costing a total of $140,000 in lost production.

So don't put this off, ENROL HERE NOW