The Knowledge Seeker Meets a Book Dealer

A colleague of mine recently told the story of how a client came to his home office for a consult. This client had at one time made a living buying and selling second hand books.

Upon surveying my colleague’s rather extensive library, the retired book dealer said, “Your library is valuable. It’s probably worth five thousand, maybe even ten thousand dollars.”

To this my colleague replied, “The value of my library isn’t its resale value on Amazon. Its value is in how much of that information makes it from those books into my brain. It’s not worth ten thousand bucks. Its potential worth is a million.”

The point being of course, the most valuable thing you can ever possess in life is KNOWLEDGE. Because the compound interest it earns you over 20, 30, 50 years or more is immeasurable.

And the acquisition of knowledge is a LEVERAGE activity that beats anything a book dealer can broker. Here’s why: people pour out lifetimes of knowledge and experience into books and courses. You and I can then buy their wisdom for 1/100th of its actual value.

And this can hold true, even when a book dealer is a party in the transaction.

For example, just the other day while surfing the web,I came across my book, ‘Insider Secrets to Hydraulics’ on Amazon. Even though it’s been in print continuously since 2002 and has sold over 10,000 copies, for some unknown reason Amazon lists it as rare and out of print.

Anyway, the book dealers have latched onto this, and as a result you can buy a USED copy for as little as $122 to as much as $346.52 + $3.99 shipping – see below.


Used copies of ‘Insider Secrets to Hydraulics’ for sale on Amazon

The point here is not so much that you can get the book NEW, with a bunch of FREE stuff, including delivery for $49.95 from my website.

No, the main point is, even if a hydraulics user did invest $350.51 for a pre-loved and coffee-stained copy, they still only need get one good idea or insight, to recover their investment 10 times over.

Such is the leverage potential of other people’s knowledge.

Remember: whatever problem you’re currently grappling with, there’s almost certainly a book out there that holds the answer you seek.

And if you’re a hydraulics user and you don’t yet have a copy of ‘Insider Secrets to Hydraulics’ in your library, NOW is a good time. Because you don’t yet have to invest $350.51 for a used, coffee-stained copy, IF you get yours here now.

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