What It Really Costs to Own a Hydraulic Machine

hydraulic power unitThe best time to determine the maintenance and reliability objectives for a piece of hydraulic equipment, and by extension, its life of ownership cost, is before it is purchased. And there are a couple of different ways this objective can be achieved.

Hydraulic equipment users who are sophisticated in their maintenance practices can dictate specific requirements for those variables known … Read more

How Far Can a Hydraulic Pump Be From the Hydraulic Tank?

Not an ideal pump mounting positionOne of our members described the hydraulic layout of a rear-mounted knuckle crane on a truck, which was giving trouble, as follows:

“The pump is a bent axis Muncie pump 20 GPM, 4300 PSI. The pressure line is 3/4″ hose and steel tube. The pump intake line is a 2″ suction hose from the tank located on the crane base Read more

The Functions of a Hydrostatic Transmission Charge Pump and Why It Shouldn’t Be Oversized

A4VGpicThe charge pump on a closed-circuit, hydrostatic transmission has a number of important functions. These include:

1. Replenish fluid lost from the transmission circuit due to volumetric inefficiency of the pump and motor.
2. Replace fluid purged from the circuit via the hot-oil flushing valve (where fitted).
3. Supply make-up fluid to compensate for load-induced oil compression and conductor (pipe/hose) … Read more