Why Hydraulic Gear Motors NEED a Dedicated Drain Line

gear motor without external drainAs you’re hopefully well aware, an unrestricted case-drain line is essential on a piston-type hydraulic motor, whether it’s axial, radial or bent-axis design. But when it comes to gear designs: external, internal and gerotor, a case-drain line is generally considered optional. This is because these types of motors don’t have a large-volume case or sump like piston motors do. But … Read more

A Simple ‘Hack’ For Hydraulic System Noise Reduction

hydraulic hoseNoise reduction in hydraulic systems often involves isolating the pump and prime-mover assembly using flexible mounts (isolators). In these cases, the use of hose is necessary to maintain the isolation between the pump and prime-mover and the rest of the system.

The flip-side to this though is, although long lengths of hose can reduce structure borne noise, hose is actually … Read more

Upfront Now… Or At the Hydraulic Repair Shop Later?

hydraulic cylinder failureA couple of questions I received from members in the past week got me thinking about how people divide into two groups when it comes to information: those who are willing to pay for it, and those who are not.

The first member explains how he has just paid $10,000 for an old crawler tractor that needs works. He says: … Read more