2 Ways to Filter Water Out of Hydraulic Oil

photo credit eaton vickersWater removal filters are one way of removing water from hydraulic oil. Generally speaking, these filters are best suited to removing small amounts of water. If the oil is contaminated with a large amount of water, centrifuging or evaporation techniques such as vacuum dehydration and head-space flush should be considered.

There are two types of water removal filters: coalescing and … Read more

How to Calculate Hydraulic Filter Cart Run Time

Filter used on a filter cartOff-line filtration, whether permanently installed on a hydraulic system, or effected by the temporary installation of a portable filter cart, is a powerful bazooka in the contamination control effort.

Without interfering with the operation of the equipment, the oil can be kept clean, in the former case, with full-time, offline filtration. Or, the oil can be flushed periodically with a … Read more

Hydraulic Oil Coolers and Specific Heat

500HPU1Specific heat is a numeric value which refers to the amount of heat required to raise a set quantity of a substance by a fixed temperature. For example, pure water has a specific heat of 1. This means one calorie will raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree C. Or, in U.S. units, one BTU will … Read more