Hydraulics Maintenance: The Consequence of Not Deciding

Photo credit: Stauff CorporationA hungry donkey enters a barn in search of hay. Much to his delight he discovers two, identical haystacks, each on the opposite side of the barn. The donkey stands in the middle of the barn between the two piles of hay, not knowing which one to choose. Hours go by, and then days, but he still can’t make up … Read more

The Correct Way to Take a Hydraulic Oil Sample

hydraulic oil drumFrom a predictive maintenance perspective, there is little real benefit from taking an oil sample directly from the hydraulic tank. Sure, an oil sample taken from the tank can be used to establish the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid, and the condition of its base oil and additives.

But these days, most hydraulic systems feature a return filter, and so … Read more

How Much Oil Should the Hydraulic Tank Contain?

how to heat hydraulic oil safelyWhen it comes to sizing a hydraulic reservoir, my motto and advice is the bigger the better. Because the greater the tank volume the longer the dwell time the oil has to give up contaminants – particles, water and perhaps most importantly, air. Size DOES matter.

The rules of thumb for reservoir size – and that’s all they are – … Read more