[VIDEO] How to Know WHERE to Knock

VIDEO-pocheckratioA hydraulics guy was called in to fix a problem with a giant corporation’s hydraulic system. The company’s engineers had been working round the clock to get the system back online, without success. When the hydraulics guy arrived he asked a few questions, then walked over to the hydraulic power unit and tapped it three times.

The system was instantly restored.

The following day, the hydraulics guy submitted an invoice for $100,000. Even though his intervention had saved the company millions in downtime, the head of finance was aghast at the size of the bill. So he asked the hydraulics guy why he charged so much for work that only took a few seconds.

To this the hydraulics guy replied:
“I charged you $1 for tapping and $99,999 for knowing where to tap.”

Yes, it’s a parable. And one you may have come across before. But probably not with a ‘hydraulics guy’ in the starring role. So here’s the point:

The money is not necessarily in the doing. The money is in the KNOWING what to do. And this is certainly true in the hydraulics world.

The good news is, it’s never been easier to join this elite and in-demand group who KNOWS where to tap. Because just as hydraulic systems are becoming more sophisticated, so too are the tools available to analyze and understand them.

These days in fact, with the right tools and some computer savvy, you can slash the time is used to take to become a hydraulics wizard. Watch this instructive video and you’ll see what I mean…

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