What to Do When a Hydraulic Pump Fails

axial piston pump failureAs every hydraulics user who’s been around for a while knows, hydraulic component manufacturers are notorious for the smoke and mirrors they use to deny warranty claims.

Now, this is NOT to say all warranty claims are legitimate. In fact, it’s very safe to say they’re not. But when a hydraulic component fails prematurely, what IS needed is accurate information, … Read more

My Silver Bullet for Hydraulics Troubleshooting

ts-appshortI get a lot of questions about troubleshooting hydraulic problems. This one showed up the other day:

“What is the most effective and efficient method to diagnose internal leakage on a hydraulic machine – without the aid of diagnostic tools, such as pressure gauges and flow meters.”

It’s not a bad question. But upon deeper analysis it smacks of ‘silver-bullet’ … Read more

Hydraulics Troubleshooting: Check the Easy Things First

The Hydraulic Troubleshooting HandbookOne of our members wrote to me regarding the following problem:

“We have a hydraulic system that operates two cylinders. The maintenance staff recently reported that the pump (piston-type) had failed – for reasons unknown at this time. The tank, valves and cylinders were cleaned and a replacement pump installed. The new pump is delivering a maximum pressure of 1,000 Read more