How Much of a Hydraulic Tank Should You Paint?

pressurized hydraulic systems are dangerousA large part of being “smart” in any area of expertise comes from doing your homework. And this is especially true with hydraulics. Here’s a story from one of our members which illustrates this point:

“I’m fairly new to hydraulics and I thought coating the interior of a hydraulic tank I’d made with a zinc spray (cold galvanizing in a Read more

Predictive Maintenance 101 For Hydraulic Machines

big question markIn the appendix of Reliability-Centered Maintenance II, John Moubray lists 102 proactive maintenance techniques in six categories:

1. Dynamic effects: monitoring of vibration, pulses and acoustic emissions (17 techniques)
2. Particle effects: monitoring of particles in the component’s operating environment, e.g. lubricant (15 techniques)
3. Chemical effects: monitoring of chemical elements in the component’s operating environment, e.g. lubricant (27 … Read more

The Problem With ‘Fault Code’ Troubleshooting

One of our member’s sent me this troubleshooting story:

“The company I worked for had invested in a complete overhaul of the engine on an older Mack truck, sleeper version in otherwise poor cosmetic shape. In addition, they were the proud owner of a mechanically poor, cosmetically good Mack in a non-sleeper configuration. The decision was made to do a … Read more