A Sure Way To Fast Track Your Hydraulics Troubleshooting Expertise

Hydraulic Oil Sample Point LocationsIn a previous blog post about hydraulics troubleshooting, I told the story of a monkey caught in an old Indian monkey trap. This story was an analogy for the importance of both knowledge AND process for a successful troubleshooting outcome. In response, one of our members sent me this:

“That is a great analogy. I am a USAF civilian (USAF Read more

Hydraulic Machines Are No Different: You Get What You Pay For

500HPU1One of our members wrote me this question:

“Our hydraulic power units are Kubota 86 hp and Deutz 76 hp 4 cylinder diesel systems. We use a 40 GPM gear pump with a flow divider valve to create two circuits of 20 GPM, each with a variable flow control. We have a diverter valve upstream to combine flows if needed. Read more

What To Do About Bent Hydraulic Cylinder Rods

BentRodIn Chapter 13 of Insider Secrets to Hydraulics, I explain how to check the straightness of a hydraulic cylinder rod and calculate allowable run-out. This is an essential task when repairing any hydraulic cylinder. Because if a bent rod gets put back in, the life of the rod seal is compromised and the cost of the repair largely wasted.… Read more