Something Else to Consider When Storing Hydraulic Cylinders

BentRodIn my previous post, I discussed the procedure I use when preparing hydraulic cylinders for storage. In response, one of our members posed this question:

“One issue I feel you left out of the cylinder storage issue is the orientation question. How should a hydraulic cylinder be orientated for short term or long term storage? Our company repairs and evaluates Read more

How To Prepare a Spare Hydraulic Cylinder for Storage

hydraulic cylinder failureA question I get asked a lot by equipment owners, is the procedure for storing spare hydraulic cylinders for an extended period. So here’s what I recommend:

–Always store fully retracted.
–Store indoors in a clean, dry area.
–Smear the internal surfaces of eye/clevis bushes or bearings with grease – particularly if they’re steel.
–Protect any exposed chrome on the … Read more

How Temperature Affects Static Hydraulic Pressure

rod-seal-dieselIn The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook I lay out a step-by-step SYSTEM for reliable and efficient troubleshooting. But there’s another prerequisite you won’t find in the job description: the ability to educate and convince the most ardent skeptics of your diagnosis – usually engineers with limited hydraulics knowledge. This story, sent to me by Joachim Renner, one of our members from … Read more